Midnight Sun Drilling Inc. has been serving the Drilling Industry with specialized equipment and quality drilling since 1970. MSD operates the most advanced equipment available on the market. We are very proud of our high standards, allowing contracts to be completed on time and in a cost efficient manner. Midnight Sun is comprised of 3 owners, with one of us being directly involved on every job. We have found things go remarkably well when there is an Owner on the jobsite. The four owners are: Dave Jamieson, Ryan Babala and Trent Jamieson.

We have a Drill Rig Fleet of nine rigs; including Truck, Track, and Heli-portable units. We offer a complete range of drilling techniques including:

  • SONIC Drilling, we recently purchased a new Terrasonic Compact Crawler, This is a Full size head on a smaller more versatile unit. Please see the Rig 9 brochure 
  • Geotechnical Drilling, Drilling methods include: ODEX casing, Sonic, Hollow stem auger, Solid stem auger. All of our Geo rigs come equipped with SPT hammers, CPT capability
  • Reverse Circulation Drilling, both Tracked and Heli-Portable drills available
  • Centre Sampling
  • ODEX Sampling
  • SONIC drilling for Geotechnical and environmental and Placer 
  • Geotechnical Environmental (Includes NQ3 & HQ3)
  • CRREL Permafrost Coring
  • R.A.B. Drilling- We actually offer RC drilling for the same price as RAB, as RC is a much better sampling tool than RAB 
  • Pilings - Rock socketed ad Adfreeze pile designs.
  • Helicopter Portable for Exploration or Geotechnical
  • Water Wells, 6" to 16" 
  • Large Diameter Kimberlite Bulk Sampling in fully enclosed winter shelters
  • Till sampling for Indicator Minerals

We currently have drill rigs stationed full time in the following remote communities, Old Crow Y.T. and Norman Wells N.T. Rig 3 is in Norman Wells, and Rig 6 is in Old Crow. Along with each drill rig is a container load of Geotechnical products, and spare parts. 

MSD was one of the first drilling contractors in Canada to specialize in Centre Sampling Hammers. Because of our northern drill experiences we have adapted our equipment for easy accessibility to remote terrain and have become expert at coping with all eventualities posed by difficult sites. We have worked in the most remote areas of the world including the Canadian Arctic, Hudson Bay Area, the Deserts of Yemen, Serbia in Eastern Europe, Montana, Alaska, and many other places in between. Logistically planning an operation overseas is similar to planning any operation in the North. We are very organized and thorough.

We pack well

We look forward to the opportunity of providing you with our expertise and equipment. We hope you will consider Midnight Sun Drilling Inc. in your next drilling endeavor. Regards, Dave, Ryan and Trent Midnight Sun Drilling Inc.