RIG 5 - Prospector P1 Tracked RC/DD


  • Standard or Centre Sample (Face Sample) Reverse Circulation
  • Sets casing utilizing the ODEX (Eccentric Underreamer) system
  • Sliding Angle Mast to -45 degrees, 18 feet of head travel
  • 500 feet of on-board Rod storage
  • 30,000 Pounds of Pullbacks, 5,000 ft/lbs of Rotation Torque
  • 600 cfm @ 500 psi on-board Air compressor
  • Travels at up to 4 km per hour
  • Mounted on a CAT 320 track group undercarriage, has a front blade for minor pad levelling
  • Also equipped with a SPT hammer, Hollow Stem, Solid Stem Augers for Geotechnical
  • HQ3 Coring head also available for Geotechnical purposes

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