ODEX Casing System

The diagrams below show an ODEX Casing system in both the drilling mode as well as the retract mode. Also shown is an ODEX Sampling system that would be used for Placer Sampling of overburden.

We have in stock 4", 5", 6", 8", 10" and 12" ODEX systems. Other sizes are available on request.

In our mineral exploration drilling we always set ODEX casing at the top of the hole until bedrock is encountered. This helps reduce caving of the hole and helps direct the sample into the center of the drill pipe where it belongs by the use of a Sealed Diverter between the casing and the drill rod.

We use a threaded casing in our mineral exploration drilling to speed up the process of installing and removing the casing, rather than welding and cutting the casing for every hole.

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