Conventional Reverse Circulation Drilling

 Reverse Circulation Drilling

There are two types of Reverse Circulation Drilling available today. Both of these methods use the exact same dual wall drill pipe. The only difference is the hammer that attaches to the pipe.

The two types of Reverse Circulation Drilling are:

Conventional RC
This is the original RC with a conventional Down Hole Hammer and a 'Interchange' (adaptor just above the hammer with a vertical slot to let the sample into the center of the Dual wall drill pipe.

Center Sample RC
This is the newer of the two methods. This method uses a special Center Sample Hammer with a hollow center that allows the sample into the dual wall drill pipe right at the face of the drill bit.

The conventional reverse circulation system works very well usually producing more footage in a day than the Center Sample system therefore the price is a little lower per meter.
The hole sizes available in this style range from 3 1/2" up to 16".)